Agnieszka Górska-Tomaszewska [BACA] – Founder & Director, Gospel Joy Choir, Poland

I met Ginny and Terry for the first time in 2008, in Poland. They organized mission trip for Toronto Mass Choir for about 35 members (!!!) and 2 weeks in our country. Their upcoming was an incredible and powerful experiance for us, and it, for me. I am Gospel Joy director, leading gospel choir, when not everyone is saved, many are interested to hear and see God in other people's lives. What we saw, was something we've never experienced earlier. Poland, as a traditional catholic country is quite open for God and His message, but in the same time, people feel, they must not talk about Jesus to others, as it is their private thing.

We saw Terry and Ginny doing awesome job bringing this bunch of people, who pray out loud, share their testimonies, talk about Jesus as their saviour and lord ALL THE TIME. We truly couldn't believe, one can be like them. They have impressed us with their faith, openness to talk about God to everyone with such joy, easyness and passion.

Gospel Joy has never been the same since. The first thing we started to do, when our guests left, is devotionals, praying loud during rehearsals.

We opened so much, we wanted to be like them.

We have received from Ginny all love she has. She is a beautifull lady, everyone falls in love. She's been like our Mamma, when she was here, and than when we, after 7 years, went to Canada. She's a true God's woman, with her warmth, open heart and the most beautiful smile we have ever seen :))).

We received so much from Terry, at first... we must admit - we were soooo scared of :))). Everyone in the choir knew "never come late, otherwise you will regret badly". What we saw later, was a sweet and soft heart, so hot for God!!! Terry, with his organisation skills, has arranged so much, so we could feel, hear and see other believers lives and testimonies, we woudn't expect.

After having received so much, we grew to the point, where we felt, we want to go on our first mission trip. Here comes Terry and Ginny again!!! TMC was going to Romania, and after receiving invitation from Terry, we were so happy to do the same. That was our first mission trip, we have ever did. Later, we did another mission trip to Tcheck Republic.

In 2016, we were given again great possibility from Terry and Ginny, to go for a mission trip to Canada. Again... it just blew our minds!!!! All the love and attitude we received, we'd never expect. We had a privilege to sing and share in 14 (???) different churches around Toronto. We were there on mission, but we received much more.

At the end Ginny and Terry have adopted us, saying, we are their new kids :))).

How may someone not love them both?

Terry and Ginny, you both were and still are like a fire for us!!! An incentive to love Jesus more and more each day. THANK YOU!!!

Agnieszka Górska-Tomaszewska [BACA] – Founder & Director, Gospel Joy Choir, Poland