Ministry Event Management – Terry Bridle

Over the years of producing, organizing and planning both local and international Christian events, Terry Bridle has gained a reputation as one of the best in the field. The ability to pull together all the elements required for a dynamic, memorable event is a skill based on years of experience, creativity, superb organizational skills and the establishment of a tested, loyal team of experts in a variety of required fields. Technical gurus, audio-visual dynamos, writers, musicians, dancers, venue managers, designers, chefs, stage contractors, carpenters, pyro technicians, speakers ... and the list goes on of individuals who can be depended upon to fill the need of a particular event. Terry is surrounded by the tops in every field. Many of them have worked with him to produce multiple events and would be ready at the drop of a hat to work with him again.

Thank You Terry Bridle for organizing Our Event

The People's Church Logo

Missions Conference & Church Anniversary Events

  •  Planning / organization / Execution & Stage Managing, Including:
    Banquet – with music and special speaker.
    Special Anniversary Presentation Concert.
    Production of 75th Anniversary commemorative book 
    by Diane Roblin-Lee with Foreword by Dr. Billy Graham.

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Toronto Praise – Producer / Organizer / Stage Manager

  • Multi-Praise & Worship Artist Concert to raise money and food donations for the Toronto Food Bank
  • Year 1 at Agincourt Pentecostal Church
  • Year 2 at Toronto Congress Centre

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Ricoh Coliseum Logo

Air Canada Centre

Global Day of Prayer Producer / Stage Manager

  • Year 1 – at  Ricoh Centrre, Toronto
  • Year 2 – Air Canada Centre, Toronto

MissionFest Toronto 2008 Poster

Missionfest Toronto  – Producer & Stage Manager

  • 3 Years at the Toronto Congress Centre
  • 1 Year at Queensway Cathedral, Toronto
  • 3 Years at Global Kingdom Ministries, Toronto

Heaven's Rehersal Logo

Heaven's Rehearsal Poster
Air Canada Centre

Heaven’s Rehearsal   – 2007 Project Manager

In the 18,000 seat Air Canada Centre, Toronto
Multi-Artist Praise & Worship Event.
From ‘every nation and every tribe.
Music, Dance, Scripture readings, 
Worship Procession.

Heaven's Rehearsal Poster

Heaven’s Rehearsal  – 2008 Project Manager

In the 53,506 seat Rogers Centre, Toronto
Multi-Artist Praise & Worship Event.
From ‘every nation and every tribe.
Music, Dance, Scripture readings, 
Worship Procession.

Toronto Mass Choir

Toronto Mass Choir – European Tours

Concert tours for this 45 member Juno Award winning choir

2005 - Hungary, Romania and the United Kingdom.
Organized and road-managed the tour.

2008 – Concert Tour of Poland with guest choir Gospel Joy.
Organized and road-managed the tour.

2012 - Concerts & Power Up Conference in Romania with guest choir Gospel Joy.
Organized and road-managed the tour.

Gospel Joy Poster

Gospel Joy Choir - Poland

  •  From Poland to Toronto, Canada.

    At the beginning of 2015, Terry accepted the responsibility of organising a visit to Toronto and the GTA by an awesome gospel group from Poland called Gospel Joy. Needless to say, it took much more of his time than he had anticipated; but in 18 days in October Gospel Joy performed in over 20 concerts / church services / universities / schools / a homeless shelter ... and even crammed into his father-in-law’s room at Shepherd Lodge to bless him by singing “How Sweet The Name of Jesus.”  Everywhere Gospel Joy sang, they were like a breath of fresh air blowing through that place. Indeed, they left the sweet aroma of Jesus wherever they went, and hearts beating from the sheer excitement and the “Joy” they generated. 

    When Ginny and Terry first started to minister in Poland, back in the 80’s during the days of Communism, they dreamed that one day Poland would be sending such high-quality people, as missionaries to the world.  Their dream materialized as answered prayer and Terry was instrumental in bringing it to life with the Gospel Joy tour. (For more information about Gospel Joy please go to: )


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Charles Price – Living Truth TV & Radio

Organized and road managed speaking tours for Charles in England & Romania

With Charles Price, host of Living Truth TV & Radio and pastor of the Peoples Church retiring and handing over the reins to new Lead Pastor Brett McBride, Living Truth went through an important time of transition. Terry was involved in a team to make the change on TV as smooth but as memorable as possible. This included organizing a Living Truth Rally in Romania and creating opportunities for Charles and Brett to minister in churches there. It was an amazing time of spreading the gospel and helping to enlarge and nurture the body of Christ in that country where Living Truth TV is broadcast.

Terry stepping through a destroyed section of the Berlin Wall. November 1989

As a Missionary Living in the UK and Poland

  • Organised and ‘road managed’ several Concert Tours in the UK and Europe for Ginny Ambrose Bridle & Band.
  • Organised and ‘road managed’ countless missions trips for teams [numbering 12 – 70] of people of all ages – including teams of Pastors – from Canada and the USA to various parts of West and East Europe – many of them during the time of Communism in Eastern Europe.
  • Organised and ‘road managed’ a tour to Germany and Poland for Terry Talbot and Band from California, USA 

Humanitarian Work

  •  Especially during the days of Communism, organising and taking into Eastern Europe countless times, humanitarian aid, such as food, medical supplies, medical equipment, Bibles, Christian literature, office equipment and supplies etc.