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Large multi-national Missions Team in Poland

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Terry Bridle with Gypsy family

Ginny With the Good Old Toyota Van and Trailer

Terry Bridle Preaching

Terry Bridle with the Gypsy Children

Can you spot Terry amongst the Gypsy children?

Happy Gypsy Children

As Terry and Ginny see it, there is no such thing as a "retired Christian." 

Terry once compared their perspective to that of eagles. As eagles age, they do one of two things: some fly to a high cliff and perch there, waiting to die, while other eagles seek out similar high cliffs ... from where they launch themselves into prolonged majestic flight.

Hilary Price once used this lesson from creation, asking, "Are you ready to die – or are you ready to fly?" The question made Terry's spirit leap within. There is no question what kind of eagles they are.

Ginny and Terry are ready to fly with their next exciting assignment from God.

Terry and Ginny have always attempted to keep their lives and ministry in alignment with God’s plans – rather than seek His approval for their own ideas – and this has led them into many unexpected places and situations over the years; but God has been faithful, and through personal experience they have seen that, "That which God ordains, God blesses and provides for."

Ginny and Terry have taken Jesus’ charge to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel” seriously. For over 25 years, they ministered in Europe, actually living in England and Poland for 16 of those years. For 10 years they pioneered the drama, "Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames," all over East and West Europe and saw tens of thousands respond to its message. They trained nine full-time national teams across Europe to carry on the presentations in their own countries.

While Terry and Ginny’s ongoing work is based in Canada, they make regular trips back to Europe to oversee the SEEDS International work, and  SEEDLINGS (for children) which is being used in Romania, to great affect, especially among the gypsy population.Seed International Logo. Building Character, Bringing Hope