The Special Place

There is a special little place where I just love to go and relax, think,  look out at the water and watch the beautiful sunset!  Normally when I arrive at this location there are about 3 other cars there. Recently the road has been lined with cars and the parking lot is absolutely packed to capacity.  Why you say? ..... it has been overtaken by Pokemon fans!!!!!  People walking around, usually quietly but like zombies, staring at their phones and just walking, turning, walking.  I may hear from time to time a few words like ... "I saw him" ..... "he is close" ..... "I'm on level 23 ... what level are you?".  Whole families, each carrying their own phones from 4 year olds, to Mom and Dad, siblings, Grandma and Grandpa .... one family had a beautiful dog and he was desperatley trying to get their attention and ended up walking sadly behind the whole family.  The Pokemon followers don't bother to look up and enjoy the beautiful flowers, trees, the lake side views, sunsets ... they just look like robots!  They don't talk with each other hardly at all... but they are getting exercise ... which is good!!!   This is quite amazing when you think about it .. Pokemon is not a real, live person who could ever help you or even be your real, live friend in this life!! I know that God is always watching over us and He is there when we are afraid or shocked!!!

Well recently I was driving home on a very busy highway in the Collector lanes and was keeping in the slow lane as I was only doing 100 Kilometers .... whilst others were flying by me.  It was about 10 pm at night and as I was getting closer to where I live I actually saw white head lights of a vehicle coming towards me in the distance ... they were driving the wrong way!!!!!   Well at first I thought it must be the GO train as it often looks like it is coming right at you when it is leaving the station as it runs parrall with the highway.  I also noticed emergency lights flashing near the head lights so started to focus on this a little more.  Well, all of a sudden that vehicle was driving right at me in my lane and about 15 or more police vans, plice cars followed all with their cirons on and flashing lights.  They were coming towards me really fast in all the lanes ... fast, middle, slow, shoulder lanes.  So I yelled out "Jesus" and moved over to the next available lane which suddenly cleared ..... the police cars continued to drive towards me for at least another 5 minutes and also in the Express lanes ALL TRAVELLING THE WRONG WAY on a big highway!!!!  When I exited off the highway I was so thankful to be alive and had not been hit and was just fine but I was stunned.  I quickly phoned my husband on our hands free phone line and told him the situation and he said just continue to drive home safely.  When I arrived home we saw on the TV news within a few minutes the story about the van going the wrong way on the highway and how police chased him for such a long time.

I was truly thankful that I have a real friend,Jesus, whom I can count on at all times ... and He is real and only a prayer away!  God is there ALL THE TIME!!