Pawel Cieslar – Pastor, Poland

I met Terry and Ginny many years ago when they came to Poland the first time. We loved their ministry and open hearts and dedication to serve people. When they came to Poland the first time, our country was still under the Communist regime and we were limited in many ways. We could not hold any religious meetings outside our churches, but we could get permission to organize music concerts in cultural centers so we asked Ginny to give a gospel concert. It was very well received and opened the doors for us to get permission to use such public places for evangelistic meetings in the future.

Then Terry and Ginny offered to bring a team from England and USA to present for the first time the "Heavens' Gates and Hell's Flames" drama. Together with our young people we presented this drama in several places in Poland and it was such a big success that together with the directors of this drama from Canada we decided that we need such evangelistic team full time in Poland. Terry and Ginny trained our Polish team and became directors of this drama in Europe. It brought wonderful results in Poland and some other European countries and many thousands of souls were saved.

Ginny's singing was a special blessing everywhere she was invited and we thank the Lord that she uses the gift from the Lord to bless so many people everywhere.

Terry was always a good organizer, very good observer and willing to learn in every situation which was so appreciated in a foreign country, and he was also a very good preacher.

We love them and pray that the Lord will continue to use them in their gifts for His glory wherever He leads them. They will always have a special place in our hearts.

Pawel Cieslar – Pastor, Poland